Friday, November 2, 2007

That's All She Wrote: FU 72, Bport 61

  • FINAL from the Harbor: Fairfield 72, Bridgeport 61
  • Rich Grant misses a desperation three for fun at the end. The horn sounds, and that's all she wrote. Nice second half for FU fromj 15:00 on. Good signs, let's hope.
  • Jimmy O'Sullivan falls over as time is about to expire and turns the ball over. Ouch.
  • Larry Hamilton of Bport (listed as from Stamford, CT) gets a nice hand from the Purple Eagles faithful. Gotta love a local kid.
  • Cooley: "If he does that again, I'm gonna knock the $%# outta him!" Who's he? I hope not Keith Connors
  • This, as far as I know, is the first time Marty and Jimmy have played together - I'm not sure if they were on the same varsity team back @ McQuaid Jesuit in Honeoye Falls.
  • With 1:04 to play, Cooley decides to see some of his "other guys". Joe Bajda, Jimmy O'Sullivan, and Geoff Middelton check in. Sean Grzeck also comes back out.
  • Fellow Mirror writer Chris Simmons said it best, "Dance team? Again?"

- Keith Connors

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