Sunday, November 18, 2007

27-18 SHU; 7:44 in the 1st

  • Devin Johnson cuts on the baseline and gets the feed from Greg Nero in the post - and puts it in nicely. Great ball movement. 27-18 SHU.
  • Drew Shubik gets a little greedy and tries to get an alley-oop, but misses the mark way high. Justtttt a bit outside. FU ball.
  • Nice effort from Peanut Johnson as he dives for a loose ball and gets a jump-ball call. It should have never even been an issue. But the arrow points towards Big Red and the Pioneeers retain possession.
  • Han goes one-of-two from the charity stripe. 27-16 SHU.
  • Han gets hit as he drives the lane, and the refs blow the whistle on Ryon Howard. Han will go to the line and shoot two.
  • Han hits a nice looking three on a great kick-out from A.J. Chauncey Hardey answers at the other end with a fall-away jumper. 27-15 SHU.
  • Shubik gets a pretty reverse lay-in on the baseline, and the Pioneers answer. 25-12 SHU.
  • Nero drives the lane and gets it. 23-12 SHU.
  • FU needs to do two things: play at their low-key pace, and gets stops on D. That's when the Stags are at their best. Neither of those things are happening, and FU looks terrible.

- Keith Connors

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