Tuesday, November 13, 2007

51-46 HC; 5:02 in the 2nd

  • H.C. timeout after a few misses on tip-ins on the offensive end.
  • Holy Cross misses a pass in the post and turns it over. Let's see if the Stags take advantage.
  • Anthony Johnson adjusts extremely well to a Jon Han oop pass, and lays it in off the glass. 51-46 HC.
  • Cunningham drives, gets stopped, and then gets called on the walk. Stags ball - and they need points bad.
  • Holy Cross retains possession on a loose ball/errant pass.
  • Three chances are not enough - as the Stags can't find away to put it in the hoop. HC ball.
  • Cunningham adds the extra on the old-fashioned three point play. 51-44 HC.
  • Here's the scoop: it's a six - possible seven-point game with 7:23 to play. It's aggressive, it's physical, and right now the Stags are looking to find an extra spark to pull them closer. Either way, they're showing a lot of heart. A game like this last year, though, they normally lost. Is 2007-08 any different?

- K.C.

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