Sunday, November 18, 2007

79-73 Stags; 44.1 in the 2nd

  • Ryon Howard fakes a three, and drives it with no pressure for an easy two. FU will take that in a heartbeat. Stags ball, and SHU calls a T.O. to talk things over.
  • Nero goes one-for-two, and the Stags maintain that lead. The y ned a stop on D to ice the game.
  • Nero goes to the line - not a great sight if you're wearing red right now.
  • Nero gets the ball in low and his hacked hard as he tries to put it in. A little surprising that the didn't foul right away when Han was trying to run the clock out. The coaches were screaming for backcourt pressure and got nothing.
  • Stags ball with an in-bound from deep in their own territory. SHU puts on a full court press, but the Stags do a textbook job of breaking it. Here's a shot to ice the game.

- K.C.

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