Tuesday, November 13, 2007

50-44 HC; 7:23 in the 2nd

  • Colin Cunningham cuts across the point and hits a baby hook - and gets called for the hack in the process. Nice job from Cunningham - who's amped up. He'll go the line for another one.
  • Eric Meister, the lone center left for the Purple Boys, is on the line. He misses the one-and-one, FU Ball.
  • Nero gets anxious going up for a board and gets called for an "over the back". They're in a one-and-one, and we'll go to the other side for some shots.
  • With a big lineup and a big man down from the other team, the Stags might be smelling blood - literally.
  • Offensive foul called on 00 Tim Clifford - and he's gone. The best big man from Holy Cross has checked out - and the crowd is lovin' it. "Na, Na,Na" chants all around.
  • Loud crowd at the Harbor.. just like Gene Doris dreamed it up.

- K.C.

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