Friday, November 2, 2007

26-24 FU ; 3:01 in the 1st

  • Media T.O.
  • A Bport turnover leads to a DUNK from Han. Nicely done by the Stags. They're putting pressure back on the Knights in transition.
  • Nero hits a jumper. Looks like the Stags are making it a point to go down low now on offense. 24-24 Tie.
  • Speak of the devil, he jams down a pass with authority. On the other end, Bridgeport gets a quick, easy, transition bucket. 24-22 Bport.
  • Anthony Johnson gets a nice little shot and gets on the board. They've got to look inside to him more 22-20 Knights.
  • I could hear them from here. Hopefully the timeout wakes them up.
  • Ladies and gentleman, the jacket is off. You know Cooley can't be pleased - bad execution on offense, sloppy defense. This could be a long night.

- Keith Connors

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