Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13-4 HC; 14:29 in the 1st

  • AND the jacket is off. Mount Cooley watch is on.
  • After some blown coverage on D when A.J. hit the floor - the Crusaders drain another wide open three. Ouch. 13-4 HC.
  • HC basket quick. Honestly, I missed it. 10-4 Holy Cross.
  • The midget Stag is out. His antlers are awful bendy. I'm sorry, but he just looked awkward.
  • Tom Cleary Trivia of the Night: Holy Cross is one of four teams the Stags play this season that are coming off of a 20-win season. Who - yes, who are the other three? We'll find out after a word from our sponsors.

- K.C.

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