Friday, November 2, 2007

10-10 Tie; 11:48 in the 1st

  • Stag T.O. on offense leads to a transition foul on Herbie. And we've got ourselves a media timeout.
  • Interesting five-some out there, as pointed out by Mr. Tom Cleary. We've got Herbie Allen and Lyndon Jordan at guard, and then Mamdou, Evanovich, and Marty. Hmmmm... (Reminder: this is a scrimmage. Breathe easy)
  • Cornell Littlejohn hits a three in the corner with the shot clock winding down. The Knights tie it up. I'm LOVIN' that name. 10-10 game.
  • The 'Dou checks in.
  • Evanovich misses another shot. He's shot about four times already, and has looked very poised on offense. I'm sure he's anxious after missing a whole year due to the transfer. He's aggressive, and I like it.
  • Mike Evanovich shows off that long-range ability with a deep three. Gotta love a big man that can shoot. 10-7 FU.
  • Mantas Armonas hits a mid range jumper with Han in his face. Nice shot. Bridgeport knots it up at 7-7.
  • T. Stenniz botches a good look, but so does FU on the other side of the court. Some easy misses early on.
  • Cooley is very into it, kicking his feet around showing them how to stand in front of defenders. What an eccentric performance...
  • After a long play-set up from the Purples, they throw the ball away. But it's off Peanut so they get it back with nine on the shot clock.
  • Referee timeout on a loose ball foul
  • Jordan misses an open three-pointer. He got a nice look but pushed it a little.
  • Mike Evanovich checks in for Herbie Allen, and Lyndon Jordan subs for D. Johnson. Let's see them in their first action.
  • B-port puts on a press of its own. You can tell it's a scrimmage right now.
  • Almost lost my StagCard today. Scared the crap out of me. I got it back though, so no worries. But thanks to all the loyal readers who sent concerned e-mails. I was touched...

- Keith Connors

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