Friday, November 2, 2007

15-14 Bridgeport; 7:58 in the 1st

  • Timeout for us media folk.
  • Loose ball goes out of bounds on a sloppy in-bounds pass.
  • The little spunky point guard Omer Haim pulls a nice move, but loses the ball in the process.
  • Devin misses a jumper, pulls down his own board, and then misses it again. Nice effort, but the Stags still seem to have trouble executing.
  • Middletown grabs the board after two misses from Stennis. Stags ball.
  • Geoff Middletown and Sean Grzeck check in. Interesting to see them before Edney and Hawkins.
  • Stennis is fouled on a turnaround jumper. Mamadou fouls him (shocker).
  • Mamadou hits a mid-ranger. He looks sharp early on - always a plus since he's usually in there for D. 15-14 Knights.
  • Evanovich hits Mamadou under the boards, and he nails a lay-in after a few pump fakes. On the other end, Littlejohn pulls up and hits a shot. Shotty D thus far from the Stags. 15-12 B-port.
  • Evanovich misses a three on a kick-out from Herbie. He's can be great if he can somehow nail shots consistently. He moves on off-ball screens very well, and big man with range are tough to defend.
  • Lyndon Jordan shows a little aggressiveness, but also shows he's a freshman by turning the ball over. Apparently, from what I've head, it's the one flaw he has right now. Not exactly good if you're a PG.
  • Cornell Littlejohn finally gets his "one more" call on some nice ball movement on the perimeter and nails a three. Nicely done by this Purple Knight offense. 13-10 Knights.
    The ref in front of me has some sweet Nike kicks.
  • Tip o' the Cap: Francis Romano and the Pep Band look like they're in mid-season form. Same with "He Said"'s Dan Stanczyk on the radio. Nicely done, gentlemen.

- Keith Connors

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