Tuesday, November 13, 2007

15-6 HC; 11:42 n the 1st

  • Marty O'Sullivan is going to the line.
  • On the second tip in, the Stags give it away one too many times and the Crusaders tip it in. 14-6 HC
  • "Hey, ref! You're awful! You're absolutely awful!" It may get rough at the Garden, or possibly as Wrigley Field or in Philly, but it's pretty bad when you are getting yelled at Harbor Yard.
  • So much for that momentum. Anthony Johnson gets called for an offensive foul tugging underneath.
  • A pretty looking trap from Herbie and A.J. leads to an HC ten-second call and another turnover. Stags ball.
  • A Han turnover on a missed pass through the zone leads to a miss by Cruze and an A.j. rebound. On the other end, Peanut puts it in when Eric Meister (I played PAL Baseball in NJ with a kid with that name!) falls over. Nice dish from Evanovich from the post. 13-6 HC.
  • Mike Evanovich is in. For those who do not know yet, he is the subject of a profile piece in this week's Mirror. Tom Cleary is writing it. You should check that out, man.

- KC

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