Friday, November 2, 2007

Halftime at the Harbor: 30-28 FU

  • Sloppy, Sloppy First half: That's to be expected. This is a scrimmage, and it's the first time they've really seen some live arena action. I'm expecting a more sound second half. I'm looking to see a few things:
    • More poise on Offense
    • Control on D
    • The rotations Cooley uses in the 2nd Half - is it preview of next Sunday @ Wake?
  • HALFTIME: Fairfield 30, Bridgeport 28
  • Han almost shoots, but kicks it across court to Evanovich who misses another wide open three. After a Bport miss, Devin Johnson gets a nice look from Han underneath and puts it in easily. 30-28 FU.
  • Now it's a block call against the Knights. Seems like the Stags are making it a point to move more aggresively on offense.
  • Armonas goes one-for-one at the charity stripe. The Stags get the ball and try to push it, but Bport gets called for a hold on the other end of the floor. Fairfield retains possession with 1:00 to go.
  • Peanut gets called on a loose ball foul. Oh, peaches.
  • Quinten Martin hits a three. And he worked for it. Gotta give Bport a lot of credit - they came here with a chip on their shoulder trying to prove something. 28-27 FU.
  • Nice feed to a cutting Jon Han. The junior lays it in nicely off the glass. 28-25 FU.
  • Bport goes with a 2-3 zone. FU had a lot of problems with the zone last year (a.k.a. Loyola)
  • And there for Grzeck. I must be a jinx. Devin checks back in.
  • Lots of playing time early for Grzeck. Could it be a sign of things to come?
  • Stags start to run a half-court trap on D. You can see they are making an effort to try some different things on defense. Coach is yelling at Nero to work more on defense.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: Nice black blazer, white shirt, and a solid gold tie. Let's hope it's a golden year. Classy, man.

- Keith Connors

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