Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Halftime @ Harbor Yard: HC 36, FU 27

  • Halftime, Harbor Syle: All in all, a little sloppy on D - and too many second chances for Holy Cross. But it's a nine-point game at half and the Stags will try to pull it together for a big second half.
  • After a nice stop on D, Warren Edney's half court heave falls just short. WOW. That was about as close as you could possibly get.
  • Edney plays a veteran on the line and knocks all three down. More importantly, though, is thta he keeps the Stags close. 36-27 HC.
  • Edney gets knocked into as he shoots the three, and the refs call it and give him a three point opportunity at the line to keep this close. :32.3 to play.
  • Meister gets an easy look on a miss on D. 36-24 HC
  • Full-court trap from Cooley, as he' trying to spark the troops.
  • Hawkins misses on a three, Marty's tip goes out of bounds on him, and the Crusaders get the ball after a contested rebound. HC ball.
  • Vander Baan - or Stifler, as I call him - coverts one-of-two on the free throws. 34-24 HC.
  • Now it's Evanovich that gets called for the hold. The ref has been fair, as the Stags have made some more egregious fouls. That one, though, was a tough call.
  • Yorel makes amends by draining a three off of a cross-zone pass. Nice look on offense for the Stags. 33-24 HC.
  • Doherty hits both shos. 33-21 HC.
  • I'm getting pretty hungry - huge props to the cookies as Harbor Yard.
  • Just as I finish typing that, Hawkins gets called on a hold on the floor. That's the Stags' tenth foul in the half. And HC has been draining free throws.
  • Yorel Hawkins lays it in nicely off of a back door cut. He's showing nice poise. 31-21 HC.
  • Another o-reb for Holy Cross costs the Stags. 31-19 FU off of an easy tip-in on a third chance.

- K.c.

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