Tuesday, November 13, 2007

29-19 HC; 3:22 in the 1st

  • Media Timeout after Grzeck steps on the line.
  • Grzeck checks in, and looks like he's got a little posse in the stands. Wow. Not bad for a good 'ol boy from Carolina.
  • Yorel Hawkins shows a little flash of brilliance - after a Marty O'Sullivan turnaround miss, Hawkins goes in for the rebound hard and gets fouled. He really got up there and showed great aggressiveness. Hawkins gets 'em both. Nicely done, sir. 29-19 HC.
  • Lyndon Jordan gets called on a hold - which gives them a 1-and-1. Edney just completely grabbed his jersey on that one. Andrew Beinert gets them both. 28-17 HC.
  • Mamadou gets hacked and goes to the line to keep this game tight. He nails them both. 27-17 HC.
  • Adam May hits a three off of a kick-out pass. Great look. Holy Cross gets its biggest lead of the night at 12. 27-15 HC.
  • Han misses a three off of a screen, as the Stags try to work against that tough zone. Crusders' ball.
  • Back to the foul, Vander Baan adds his second. Four free throws in a matter of mere seconds gives the Crusaders a little cushion. 24-15 HC.
  • Cooley get's T'd up for jawing with the ref, after the first free-throw goes in. Pat Doherty hits both shots and puts HC up 23-15.
  • Mamadou looks like he's playing solid D, but gets called for a hack. For a second, I thought it was on Hawkins. Cooley said "it was awful. He was just trying to get position." It's a damn shame.
  • Evanovich takes it hard off of an in-bound, and gets the foul. Nice look from Herbie on the baseline to see him. Evanovich adds it from the charity stripe and pulls the Stags to five. 20-15 HC.
  • Tom Cleary's Trivia answer is on the way!
  • The Stag is sitting on the side, in a fold-up chair. Alone. I'm not sure why, but ever since they changed costumes he's kind of freaked me out a little. I think he's drunk?

- K.C.

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