Sunday, November 18, 2007

21-7 SHU; 13:05 in the 1st

  • Cooley calls a desperate timeout with Han trapped. Not a picture perfect start for Fairfield.
  • Brice Brooks hits a little jumper and gets it to go on a hook shot. 21-7 SHU early at the Harbor.
  • Corey Hassan hits another three. Wow. What a start for this kid. 19-7 SHU in a rout so far.
  • Liam Potter works A.J. under the boards and gets the bounce off the glass to go. Nice job under the board. Then FU turns the ball over. Ouch. 16-7 SHU.
  • Evanovich misses a three, and the loose ball goes out of bounds off of the Stags. SHU ball with a seven-point lead.
  • Corey Hassan answers with a three. 14-7 SHU.
  • Big Mike Evanovich drains a three - just the shot in the arm the Stags need after the timeout. 11-7 SHU.
  • Dapper Cooley watch: well, he was wearing a customized red blazer - but not anymore. It's been that rough of a start for the Stags. Oh, boy.

- Keith Connors

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