Sunday, November 18, 2007

27-24 SHU; 6:16 in the 1st

  • Han grabs a steal, takes it to the house, and gets up and dunks it with authority. Nice ups ofr a big man. What a run. The Stags could use more stops on D though.
  • Han for three? No. Peanut put back? Nah. Yorel grabs the board and puts in it nicely. You bet?
  • Han tries for an oop throw, somehow hits rim, and then somehow Anthony Johnson flies in, grabs the board, and puts it in. 27-20 SHU.
  • Devin Johnson attempts a three on a kick-out from Han, but is blocked by a hussling Drew Shubik. FU retains possession.
  • The White Sea has filled in nicely. SHU still has a slight edge, but it's a great atmosphere at the Harbor right now.
  • Mr. Announcer: "And now, Sacred Heart!" Umm, sure. Could you be a little more specific?

- Keith Connors

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