Tuesday, November 13, 2007

48-44 HC; 9:02 in the 2nd

  • A stop after a score - which has rarely happened for FU - would be big right here to keep Uncle Mo on their side.
  • Marty gets a "one more" pass and drains it on a good possession for the Stags. They moved the ball great on the perimeter. 48-44 HC.
  • Herbie Allen gets a great feed from Han and gets the ball underneath to go. 48-42 Stags.
  • Ref calls a no-basket as Eric Meister tried to go up with the clock about to expire. Tough one - it really could have gone either way. But with the crowd in a very Bronx mood, they go with the Stags.
  • Han's first pass back on the court? An oop to Anthony Johnson to get the crowd rocking. I'm pretty sure he stared down somebody too. BUT, the Crusaders answer with a hook shot from the post. 48-40 HC.
  • Han's jersey is toast thanks to the blood. Now, he's rocking a retro Danny Ogelsby #13 jersey. Hey, I hear those things go on EBay for a pretty penny - no joke.

- K.C.

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