Sunday, November 18, 2007

76-67 FU;2:47 in the 2nd

  • 2:47 to play, and the Stags lead it, 76-67
  • Nero gets a sick pass from Han, and he had no chance of missing. Brooks got greedy and tried to hit him, but it was going in anyway. Nero gets the "and one" and converts with ease - leading to a SHU timeout.
  • Loose ball off of a Hardy miss goes off of a foot. The refs talk it over and give it to the Stags. FU ball.
  • Han goes to the line with a shot at two. He hits both to put FU back in control by six. 73-67 Stags.
  • Foul gets called on the floor on Mehmet Sahan, who looks confused as to the foul and the language in which the ref is speaking. Hmm.
  • Brice Brooks drains a three to pull the Pioneers within four. 71-67 FU.
  • SHU in-bounds on their end with about 4:00 to play. Let's se ewhat goes down.
  • And the dance team is done. Finally. No, they're great. I swear.

- Keith Connors

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