Sunday, November 18, 2007

50-41 Stags; 15:57 in the 2nd

  • Hawkins gets caught with his hand in the ol' cookie jar, and the refs call an over the back. 50-41 FU with 15:57 to play.
  • Han gets the "home run" look downcourt on the in-bound pass and gets it to go. Nice lay-up from the Brooklyn native. 50-41 Stags.
  • Nero shows some sick range by burying a wide-open three. That's a reason why that guy was preseason All-MAAC. SHU gets it back with a lay-in, and then the Stags are called for an offensive foul on the in-bound.
  • Liam Potter's balls goes every which way, then finally falls. Then, Jon Han goes coast to coast and hits the fade away jumper off the glass. 45-39 FU.
  • Yorel misses one, but makes up for it by hitting one. One outta two ain't bad. 43-37 FU.
  • Another SHU turnover leads to an Anthony Johnson miss hook in the lane/Yorel Hawkins attempt at a put-back. He gets hacked in the process and goes to the line. Yorel. Shooting two. Number 4. Sorry, enough Bob Sheppard.
  • Anthony tries to go up fstrong against Brooks but is turned away. The Pioneers miss a chance for transition point and turn it over. Moments later, Nero gets called for an offensive. Cooley to Nero "Wake up".
  • Brice Brooks gets A.J. in an uncomfortable spot and lays it in. 42-37 Stags.
  • Han got greedy and tried to inbound an alley-oop to Anthony Johnson. SHU got greedy and turned it over. So it goes.
  • Stat o' the Half: Corey Hassan was 3-5 from downtown. The Pioneers in total were 5-11, which isn't a terrible ratio. The Stags, by comparison, were 3-10 on pretty good looks. It may come down to which team does better in the second half at perimeter shooting.

- Keith Connors

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