Sunday, November 18, 2007

67-60 FU; 7:28 in the 2nd

  • SHU offensive foul on the other end, and Fairfield is now in the one-and-one. This could potentially hinder that Pioneer comeback. We'll go back down to the other end.
  • Just when we agreed, Warren Edney drains a three at the buzzer in front of the White Sea and the crowd goes wild. Holy cow. 67-60 FU.
  • "Oh my God, it's louder than I've ever heard in here," - Tom Cleary.
  • Mehmet makes a shot over Mamadou - who would've thought that would happen. SHU pulls within four. 64-60 FU.
  • Shubik adds the free throw for the three-point play. 64-58 FU.
  • Just when it looks like Fairfield is going to pull away, Drew Shubik drives the lane, makes the shot AND the foul. With their outside shooting so streaky, you never know when a "Big Red" big drive is coming. We'll see.
  • Han heaves a pass to Edney - who was not even remotely close to paying attention. Luckily, the ball caught him, and the Stags take it down. FU ball.
  • Han grabs both freebies, and the Stags keep it coming. 64-53 FU.
  • Han cuts hard with the left, drives the lane, and its fouled by Ryon Howard on the way. Han goes to the charity stripe for a shot at two more.
  • Anthony Johnson misses a dunk and whiffs. Luckily, they get the ball back. It's okay. We're gonna pick it up.
  • Three for Ryon Howard and the Pioneers just won't go away. 62-53 Fairfield.
  • Twelve-point lead for Fairfield right now with 11:30 to play. That's their biggest lead of the night. Can it hold? No clue.

- Keith Connors

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