Sunday, November 18, 2007

11-4 SHU; 15:48 in the 1st

  • MEDIA timeout: 11-4 SHU
  • After a missed dunk, Warren Edney gets a little anxious and drives too hard. Looks like the refs are going to be calling that all night.
  • Chauncey Hardey drains the three. The Pioneers' outside shooters are hitting their open shots. 11-4 SHU.
  • Yorel Hawkins gets called on the drive - and Cooley is not pleased with the call. Must be something in the water here at Harbor Yard. 8-4 SHU @ 16:55.
  • Charge on Han on the baseline, and the refs are making sure this one doesn't get too rough too fast. SHU ball.
  • Anthony Johnson gets an oop and hits in with authority. (I never thought I'd say this at a Harbor Yard game) and the crowd goes wild. SHU answers with a three from Corey Hassan. 8-4 SHU.
  • Liam Potter, the Pioneers' big 7'0 footer, gets called on a walk. Naughty, naughty. Stags ball.
  • A.J. and Nero do a little back door cut and pass to get the Stags on the board. Nice look. 5-2 SHU.
  • Brooks drills both from the charity stripe - and the Pioneers have come out strong. 5-0 SHU.
  • Brice Brooks goes up strong on a post-up and is met by Nero. The refs think it's a little too much contact and call the foul.
  • Chauncey Hardey getas a pretty kick-out pass and drills the 3. 3-0 SHU.
  • Warren Edney steps on the line on a dish inside and the Stags turn it over.
  • Gettin' Tipsy: Anthony Johnson vs. Liam Potter. A.J. is down in size, but he looks ready to roll tonight. Advantage: Stags. FU ball to start off here at Harbor Yard.
  • Gotta love the Red Sea putting up the Mirror during SHU's lineup.
  • Big Red was up on the table just now. Wow. Now that's intensity.
  • The pre-game Crowd Advantage definitely goes to the Sacred Heart reds. Fairfield's showing as upped a lot since the women's game, but the Pioneers are definitely outnumbering right now. Either way, it'll be a lively crowd tonight - should be a fun one for everybody here.
  • Bill Gonillo tribute before the game - very moving, and a very nice man. He will be missed.

- Keith Connors

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