Sunday, November 18, 2007

Halftime @ Harbor Yard: FU 42, SHU 35

  • Halftime at the Harbor: 42-35 Fairfield after Shubik hits both, and keeps the game tight. FU tries for a last second shot, but the buzzer beats them to it. Nice resiliency from the Stags in the half, though. They were down by as much as 14 at one point, and now they hold an improbable seven-point advantage. Wow. We'll see what team comes out after the break: the SHU team that shot the lights out to start, or the Fairfield team that controlled both end of the floor in the second half of the game. Time will tell.
  • Grzeck sighting! Oh, my!
  • Drew Shubik tries to drive, and as he's doubled makes contact with Nero. The refs call Nero on the hold. Shubik goes to the line for a pair.
  • Nero now has a shot to extend the lead even further with the "and on". He misses it, and it's Pioneers ball with 26 seconds on the clock.
  • Down the other end, Nero grabs a miss from Allen and puts it up AND the foul. Nero is just taking over the game right now. What a job. 42-33 SHU.
  • SHU misses again, and the Stags push it. Nero's on the other end and adds the lay-in with ease of f the glass. Chauncey Hardey whiffs on a great shot.
  • Nero gets a great feed, and makes an even better move to put it in in the paint. 38-33 FU.
  • SHU turns the ball over with the shot clock winding down, and Cooley is amped up. FU ball, and they look like they're back in sync. Let's see how the Pioneers respond. Big Red Pioneer doesn't like it, I'll tell you that much.
  • In the one-and-one situation, Mamadou only gets one, but A.J. grabs the board and puts it in to get the job done the hard way. Eh, they'll take it. Who wouldn't? 36-33 FU.
  • A.J. kicks it underneath to Mamadou, who was hiding in transition under the baseline, and is fouled. He'll head to the line for a chance at a pair.
  • Pretty move from Brice Brooks on an inside turnaround keeps the Pioneers on pace. 33-33.
  • Herbie is held from behind, and heads to the line with a chance to give the Stags for their first lead. With the White Sea at his back, Herbie Allen gets both and the Stags are up two. 33-31 FU.
  • FU is looking more cohesive on offense, but can they silence the Pioneers' outside shooting. Specifically, Corey Hassan, who is having a career night. We'll see.
  • My fantasy team is up ten. He has two more guys tomorrow, but I have Maroney and Watson tonight on the Pats. We'll see what goes down.

- Keith Connors

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