Sunday, November 18, 2007

62-50 FU; 11:36 in the 2nd

  • Media T.O.: 11:36 with the Stags up 62-50
  • Chauncey Hardy, a great player and a competitor from the looks of things, gets a shot with Han in his face. To respond, Han takes him to the hoop and drives. The lay-in goes in and the Stags get another quick one.
  • Edney almost hits a dunk, and Anthony Johnson tumbles over the stands and gets back up and yells. Much to the delight on the White Sea. Wow.
  • Mamadou tries to guard Shubik as he drives, and he gets called for a block. Looks like Cooley is having Mamadou as his shadow all night - he's known for his pesky, in-your-face D. So far, not a whole lot out of Shubik tonight.
  • The 'Dou hits both shots and keeps the Stags express rollin' along. OK, that was pushing it. 60-48 Stags.
  • Hardy passes the ball away, and the Stags breakaway with Mamadou on the other end. He's fouled hard as he goes in for the dunk. They had to. Diakhate goes to the line.
  • After an SHU three to answer, Warren Edney wants to get in on all the fun. And that he does. Edney gets the first trey of his Stag career and puts Fairfield up ten points. Nice. 58-48 FU.
  • Mamadou gets a cross perimeter pass, and drains a wide-open three. He's NEVER missed a three. Granted, he's had three shots. 55-45 FU.
  • On the other end, Chauncey Hardey gets a leaner and keeps the Pioneers close. 55-45
  • Peanut dunk. On the putback. Thanks.
  • Potter misses a mid-range jumper, and the Stags push. Unfortunately, they push it out of bounds and almost hit me. That's three times in this game
  • Attendence: 5,018. Holy moly. And, for once, it actually looks about right and sounds right too. Can we play them every game?
  • Mamadou and Evanovich backs in. Big fan favorites.
  • Potter goes up strong, and is met by Nero. While it was fun while it lasted, the refs get involved and call a hack on Gregger. Potter to the line to shoot a pair.
  • SHU ball to start off of the media timeout.

- Keith Connors

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