Friday, November 2, 2007

55-48 FU; 8:17 in the 2nd

  • Quinten Martin grabs his own board and gives a touch shot underneath that just squeaks by Peanut Johnson and finds a way in. 55-48 Stags.
  • Stags match it. 55-46 FU.
  • Han tries to force it underneath to Peanut in transition, but he gets swiped by Quinten Martin. On the other end, Lex James hits a shot. 53-46 Stags.
  • Anthony Johnson gets called for a little pushing and shoving under the boards. That's his fourth foul. He'll need to work much, much harder this year on staying out of trouble. Especially with Shake gone.
  • With Lyndon running the point, the Stags work a nice play that results in an O'Sullivan to Middleton lay-in. Did you ever think you'd say that a year ago?
  • Lex James, Bridgeport's only interior threat, is fouled by Middleton and hits the shot. He goes to the line. James nails both. 51-44 Stags.
  • Marty gets a tip-in and does a nice job working down-low. 51-41 Stags, who now hold their largest lead of the evening.
  • Bport works it in down-low and gets a foul called on Marty O'Sullivan in the paint. Head coach Mike Ruane seems pleased. Stennis misses the first, then hits the second to make up for it. Bport goes right back to a full court press. 49-41 Stags. (Cooley to Lyndon: "Come on, Lynd. He wanted it more than you."
  • We are just 14 and a half hours away from BC/Bosco in NJ. YES!
  • Celtics are owning. Or so I'm told. But I'm a Nets fan, so who cares. Honestly?

- Keith Connors

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