Friday, November 2, 2007

67-55 Stags; 3:19 in the 2nd

  • Timeout Bport to quiet "Uncle Mo". 67-55 Stags.
  • Nero gets a transition dunk, and the Stags take their biggest lead of the night (12).
  • Evanovich misses a three, but Nero follows hard and gets a tip-in. Good work by Nero and Peanut underneath - they're really playing significantly better in this half. 65-55 Stags.
  • James hits one. 63-55 FU.
  • Nero misses both, but Anthony Johnson grabs the board and throws it down hard yet again. He's starting to get into his groove in the paint. 63-53 FU.
  • Mantas Armonas is called on a push from behind on Greg Nero - that's Bport's tenth foul with 4:37 to play. Nero visits the charity stripe.
  • Silly turnover on an in-bound by T-Ron costs Bport the ball. FU's got it.
  • Anthony Johnson throws it down hard - you could literally hear that iron from across court. That really got the Bport crowd quiet. 61-53 Stags.
  • Haim hits Stennis on a transition basket, and suddenly Bport has a little momentum on their side. 59-53 Stags.
  • James dunks on a nice look from Haim, but it came a split second to late on a shot clock violation. FU needs to show more poise on defense, they bit on fakes a little too much for my liking.
  • Nero hits 'em both. 59-51 FU.
  • Lex James get a nice look and dunks it easily. On the other end, Nero is called on a foul from the top of the key. He heads to the line. 6:37 to play, 57-51 Stags.
  • Han pulls a "Van Schaick' and nails both free throws. Nice. 57-49 Stags.
  • Han is held on a few fakes in the key, but he does get the job done by getting the call. One-on-one for Han with 7:09 to go.
  • Anthony Johnson gets blocked on h is way up, but the Knights travel in transition and turn it over. FU Ball.
  • Quentin Martin is on the line. He converts one-of-two, and FU looks to push the tempo and run up court. 55-49 Stags.
  • A cheerleader just fell in a pyramid, much to the delight of the crowd here. Come on, folks. It's a scrimmage for them, too... (And are you really that surprised? This is Fairfield.)
  • Media timeout. Again? Who knew?
  • Marty looks like he grabbed a nice board with authority and was fouled in the process, but is instead called for "over the back"

- Keith Connors

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