Tuesday, November 13, 2007

46-38 HC; 11:52 in the 2nd

  • Han comes back on the floor - gets a HUGE roar from the crowd. Not quite Jordan, or that dude from the Knicks, but it's good to see that Jon Han was okay.
  • After a Warren Edney miss from mid-range @ the buzzer, the ball goes off of Holy Cross on the floor. 46-38 HC.
  • Just like that, Crusaders slow the charge.
  • Nero just taps Cunningham, and somehow gets called for the foul. I'd think the refs are worried this game will get out of hand and want to call a lot to make sure it doesn't get bad. Cunningham knocks down all three. 47-38 HC.
  • Cooley to Evanovich: "Step up and make a shot for me." thanks to Chris Simmons for relaying that to me.
  • On the line to pull the Stags closer, Allen drains it. He's coming up big in missed time for Jon Han. 43-38 HC.
  • Evanovich gets a nice feed from Allen, who then gives a pretty feed to Nero underneath for a reverse on the base line. Great look from Nero. Moments later, it's Herbie Allen who gets a lay-in AND the foul. Huge turn of evens. 43-37 H
  • Offensive foul called on Eric Meister - it's getting a little physical out there. Interesting to see where it goes from here..
  • Evanovich tries to pull up in the lane, but trips a little and gets called for the walk. Another blown opportunity for the Stags to get close. HC ball.
  • WHAT?!? Nero misses a three, and Herbie Allen gets the rebound and put back. Are you serious? Eh, they'll take it. In other news.. Holy Cross turns the ball over. 43-33 HC.
  • Colin Cunningham gets a nice kick-out and drains it from the top fo the arc. On the other end, the Stags turn the ball over. Luckily, HC felt bad and gave it right back. Stag ball. 43-31 HC.
  • A flagrant foul on Marty leads to a pair of shots for Adam May, who goes one-for-two on the line. 40-31 HC. They retain possession.

- K.C.

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