Sunday, November 18, 2007

78-71 Stags; 1:56 in the 2nd

  • Hardy misses a three, but Ryon Howard works hard underneath and gets a tip-in. They certainly are not giving up just yet. 1:56 to play
  • 78-69 FU after Han hits both from the line. 2:00 to play.
  • Shubik gets a little greedy and reaches on Han. The guard heads to the line with a shot to keep the game going the favor of North Benson Rd.
  • Sahan grabs a miss and adds it to the line. "A.J.! Rebound!" yells Cooley. 76-69 FU.
  • Can SHU respond? Odds are they'll look to their outside sharpshooters for a spark. And Big Red, who's right in front of me and not giving up yet.

- K.C.

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