Friday, November 2, 2007

Hello from the Harbor: FU/Bridgeport

And....... we're back! Welcome to the Mirror Sports Blog's coverage of the 2007-08 Men's Basketball season, and some in-depth coverage for your Fairfield University Stags!

Last season, our critical coverage, in-game analysis, and live game log were huge hits, and we're looking to build off of that this season. Please let us know what we can to do to help make the blog as good as possible.

Anyway, here's some pre-game notes:
  • This is the Stags' first action since a situational scrimmage @ Dartmouth last weekend. Their first game of the season comes next Sunday, November 9th at Wake Forest.
  • This is the second consecutive year that Fairfield is opening its schedule with a cross-town scrimmage against Bridgeport. Last season, Jon Han led the way with 13 points in a 68-51 victory at Harbor Yard. The Stags have played the Purple Knights 53 times in their history, with FU holding a 40-13 advantage.
  • Ed Cooley kicks off his second year as head coach. He claimed that the first season taught him a lot about "rotations, time outs, and what to run early in the games". This is our first chance to truly see that in action.
  • Herbie Allen and Devin Johnson may be starting as of now, but highly-touted freshman PG Lyndon Jordan and SFs Warren Edney and Yorel Hawkins will challenge for playing time from the get-go. It should be fun to see these guys out on the court for the first time.
  • Didn't you guys miss us? Honestly?
  • Pre-game meal: a little chicken wings and pop'ems, and some spicy roll-ups. I'm a big, big fan. I forgot how much I missed the set-up at Harbor Yard. They are very classy here. Although we were a little early and thought it would just be snacks. Still, I like the spice. (Baltimore native Chris Simmons wanted some Old bay with the wings though).
Stay tuned for more... game time is in a little over 40 minutes.

- K.C.

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