Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Final from the Harbor: Holy Cross 67, Fairfield 54

  • Final from the Harbor: Herbie Allen's jumper misses, Adam May grabs the board, and that's all she wrote. Jon Han and Anthony Johnson walk off the court to end the game without even shaking hands. A definite intense game. Interesting all around.
  • Cooley calls off the horses and tells them not to foul. Cunningham finally gets fouled and goes to the line. He hits both shots to send the lead to 13. 67-54 HC.
  • Cunningham, whose having a great night, hits both shots and ices the game. 65-54 HC.
  • Evanovich gets a turnaround, as the Stags try to keep it close. They foul down nine with :45.6 to go. Colin Cunningham goes to the line.
  • Doherty converts both shots. 63-52 HC.
  • After a foul on one end, Mamadou gives a little "behind the ref's back" elbow and the Holy Cross bench is incensed. A dirty player by nature, I'm hardly surprised.
  • Allen gets a quick shot after a steal. The lead in nine. 61-52 HC.
  • Edney tries for a three, but was on the line. 61-50 HC.
  • Quick foul on Hawkins - his third - after an inbound from the Holy Cross bench. Doherty goes to the line to ice the game. Doherty nails both. 61-48 HC.
  • Yorel Hawkins takes it hard and gets fouled - he nearly got the roll in too. Hawkins goes to the line to give FU at least a chance. He adds both to the tally. 59-48 HC.
  • 59-46 HC, 2:22 to go.
  • Mamadou came in for D, but instead gets called for a foul. Not good. Colin Cunningham will shoot two on the gimme. He gets both shots. HC is up, 57-46 - then gets a steal and then a put in on the other side of the floor.
  • Han whiffs on the shot. HC ball.
  • The Crusaders' get called for a block on the floor - sending Jon Han to the line. Something tells me Han won't be invited to any parties in Worcester anytime soon.
  • Pat Doherty hits both shots from the free throw line. 55-46 HC.
  • 53-46 HC with the Crusaders going to the line. In the mean time, how 'bout that dance team?
  • Herbie goes in hard after a rebound and gets called for a loose ball foul. That'll send Holy Cross to the line for two shots - not exactly what Cooley drew up.
  • 3:57 to play. Plenty of time. Plenty of things can happen.

- K.C.

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