Friday, November 2, 2007

36-32 Stags; 16:35 in the 2nd

  • Loose ball foul on the Purp-s and we've got ourselves a stoppage of play.
  • Bport gives Peanut some room in the paint, but he drives to drive the rock and is stripped. The Knights transition and settle, but miss the shot. Stags ball.
  • Herbie misses a pick-and-pop three-pointer, and Anthony Johnson misses a tip-in. But they get the ball back and hit Yorel Hawkins in transition for an easy lay-in and the foul. Hawkins gets his first game points and heads to the line. He botches the free throw though.
  • Herbie tries to penetrate Bport's zone but is hacked. Stags retain possession.
  • Yorel Hawkins makes his long awaited Stags' debut. He checks in with Anthony Johnson.
  • Jon Han hits a mid-ranger and does the work. Nicely done. On the other end, Teariz Stennis was driving but Nero went over and made sure that didn't happen. Stennis heads to the line.
  • Offensive foul called on Quentin Martin on the drive. Looks like he went into Nero a little too hard.
  • Mamadou gets lost in transition and is open under the basket. Nero finds him for the lay-in. 32-30 Stags.
  • A.J. gets called for goaltending, and it counts for Lex James. Han walks and the Stags start out the 2nd half in "first half 2006" fashion. 30-30 tie.
  • Tom <3's Snood.
  • Bport Ball to start the half - let's see how they look in the second.
  • My personal surprise of the first half was that Warren Edney did not play, yet foward Sean Grzeck logged six quality minutes in the first half. Scrimmages, if anything, are interesting to say the least.
  • Oprah Moment of the Year: a Bridgeport assistant proposes to his girlfriend at center court - much to the delight of everybody on hand at Harbor Yard. Standing O all around. Now say it with me, "Awwwwwww...."

- Keith Connors

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