Tuesday, November 13, 2007

20-12 HC; 7:09 in the 1st

  • Media timeout - and Holy Cross tries to draw up a miracle one-second shot clock play.
  • Mamadou tries to chase down a loose ball after another errant Holy Cross pass - but he's not Michael Johnson. The ball goes out, and Holy Cross retains possession.
  • Han hits a "knuckleball" three after they beat the zone. Nice job by Han, who has yet to really assert himself in this game. 20-12 HC.
  • That 2-3 zone is givig the guard, mostly Devin Johnson, fits.
  • A stags' turnover leads to a practice lay-in for Pat Doherty. What a shame, as they had just got the ball back. 20-9 HC.
  • The Crusaders' get called for an offensive again, as Eric Meister back up in the post a little too hard.
  • HC turns it over again on another offensive foul. I don't have the stats here, but I think they're definitely shooting themselves in the foot almost every other possession. And somehow they're up 9?
  • Evanovich gets a nice look, but proves he's human after a sick game in Winston-Salem by missing the shot. HC ball.
  • With the clock winding down, Han forces the issue and tries to drive into the zone. They get the call - as the refs catch Pat Doherty with his hand in the cookie jar. Stags ball.
  • Marty is Super Man, as he grabs a steal off of a back door feed. The Stags give it right back, and Adam May drains a wide-open shot from down town. 18-9 Holy Cross.
  • Marty takes a Vlade Divac-fall and gets a HUGE hand when 00 Tim Clifford, who reminds me very much of my great uncle, gets called on the offensive. Stags' ball.
  • The Crusaders, are wearing purple. Miss Lippy's car, is green.
  • Willard doesn't like the breakdown on D and calls a timeout.
  • Warren Edney gets a good look from Marty and takes it strong from a lay-in. A good set-up by Han pushing the court on a Crusaders' miss. 15-9 HC.
  • Marty whiffs on the first, but reconciles by nailing the second. 15-7 HC.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: The blazers gone already, but the style never leaves. White shirt, and a navy, silver striped tie. Classy.
  • Frank Romano.. 50/50 salesman? Eh, why not?

- K.C.

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