Sunday, November 18, 2007

71-65 FU; 3:56 in the 2nd

  • Dance team is up, 3:56 to play
  • Ryon Howard goes up strong, but his shot in met by Anthony Johnson's fat hand. Ouch. The ball flies out of bounds and the Stags get a cheer from the crowd.
  • Howard adds the freebie, and it's a six-point game. 71-65 FU.
  • Ryon Howard makes amends by grabbing his own miss and putting it in with the foul. Here's his chance to keep making this a tight one.
  • After a hold gets called on Ryon Howard, Han goes to the line as Sacred Heart is over the limit. Han hits both of them and puts the Stags up nine. 71-62 FU.
  • After two Anthony Johnson easy misses, SHU turns it over and gives Jon Han a textbook drive and lay-in on the other end. He went baseline to baseline. 69-62 Stags.
  • Chauncey Hardy misses an NBA-range desperation three at the buzzer. Whammy.
  • The scene: with Sacred Heart rallying, the Stags need to show some poise and get a much needed defensive stop. 5:30 to play, and Fairfield holds a 67-62 lead. Hold on to your butts.
  • The Big Red just bagged a Stag. Whatever that means.

- Keith Connors

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