Tuesday, December 11, 2007

  • BC has two chances at three pointers, but both come up short and Geehan grabs the rebound and is fouled. She misses the front end of a one and one but Thoman misses a 3 and Lowenthal grabs the rebound and the Stags win.

Final score: Fairfield 59, Boston College 54

-Tom Cleary

Stags lead 59-54 over BC, 18.3 seconds left

  • Stags have the starting lineup on the floor for the final minute. Wrice and Lowenthal have been key once again, Wrice with 24, Lowenthal with 18.
  • Geehan with a huge steal and is fouled by Swords, her fourth of the game.
  • Geehan goes to the line for 1+1 with 1:01 left in the game. Geehan hits both and its 57-54 Fairfield.
  • Swords fumbles the ball out of bounds and it goes back to the Stags with 46 seconds to go in the game.
  • Caskin takes her time bringing the ball up. Lowenthal gets the ball with 20 seconds left and hits a jumper to give FU a 59-54 lead.
  • BC calls a timeout and has just 18.3 seconds left to avoid the upset.

-Tom Cleary

Fairfield leads 55-54 with 1:11 remaining in the game

  • Excellent find by Caskin, she jumps into the air and finds Groom open on the baseline and she connects on a jumper to give the Stags the lead back, 55-54.
  • BC calls a timeout with 1:11 left.
  • Stags just need one stop to keep in control of this game. 22 seconds on the shot clock after the timeout.

-Tom Cleary
  • Lowenthal collects two offensive rebounds after Caskin and Wrice miss shots...she has been huge in the second half on the boards against two much taller players. Geehan can't hit a turn around shot and BC pushes the ball after Lowenthal is knocked down.
  • Geehan with a steal, using her "Inspector Gadget arms" as Frager calls them. "Boop"
  • Timeout FU as Frager tries to settle the troops with 2:08 left in the game.

-Tom Cleary

BC 54, Fairfield 53; 3:09 Left Second Half

  • Murphy hits the free throw and its 47-45 BC back in the lead.
  • Wrice catches the ball from Caskin and steps into the three and hits it, 48-47, Wrice with 23 points.
  • Swords scores over the Stags frontcourt and its 49-48 BC retakes the lead again.
  • Lowenthal fakes a drive and knocks down a mid range jumper, 50-49 Stags
  • Wrice drives and draws a lot of contact and goes to the line for two shots...she hits one of two, but Lowenthal comes up with a huge offensive rebound on the miss.
  • Wrice gets open for a long three, but it is short and BC gets the ball back with 5 and a half minutes to go in the game.
  • Murphy gets the ball on the baseline with no one guarding here and drops in an easy layup, to tie the game at 51.
  • Wrice misses an open jumper, but Lowenthal collects another offensive rebound. She hits a jumper from the free throw line and its 53-51, Stags back in the lead.
  • Not a good job by the scoreboard operators...BC misses the front end of the one and one and the Stags rebound the ball, but the horn sounds for a sub, stopping the game momentarily as everyone freezes. Fairfield gets the ball out of bounds and everything is fine again.
  • BC hits a 3 and takes the lead back 54-53.
  • Shields drives on Geehan, who steps in and takes a charge to get the ball back for Fairfield heading into the final media timeout of the game.
  • It's time now for the Fairifield University Dance Team...All I Want For Christmas Is You really puts you in the Christmas spirit, it makes the whole night worthwhile.

-Tom Cleary

BC leads 46-45; 7:55 Remaining Second Half

  • Flaherty gets the ball inside and scores, 42-40 BC.
  • Nice drive by BC's Brittany Johnson and she scores to extend the lead back to four, 44-40.
  • Wrice knocks down a NBA range three and its 44-43 now, Wrice has 20.
  • Nice hustle by both sides as the Stags and Eagles players all dive to the floor for a loose ball. A tie-up is called and the Stags get the ball on alternate possession. The ref backs up my analysis by telling both teams "Nice hustle"
  • Wrice with a rebound and she fights out of a double team and gets the ball to Lowenthal who is fouled by Swords and goes to the line for two free throws. Baendu hits both and its 45-44, as the Stags take the lead for the first time in awhile.
  • Murphy gets the ball underneath and she scores and goes to the line for a +1
  • The Stag comes and lurks over Chris and my shoulders during the media timeout, but Simmons chases him off by scratching his nose.
-Tom Cleary

BC 42, FU 38; 11:38 Second Half

  • Johnson drives and scores on the Stags and the lead is back to 3, 37-34.
  • Groom travels and the Stags turn the ball back over. Groom heads to the bench and freshman Joelle Nawrocki takes the floor for the first time tonight.
  • Swords scores and the lead is back to 39-34, Swords with 23.
  • Wrice with a steal and she drives the floor and lays it in, 40-36 BC.
  • Nice pass from Johnson to Miles and BC leads 42-36.
  • Wrice drives once again and scores, 42-38, Wrice now with 17 points on the game.
  • Caskin steals the ball and finds Nawrocki for a three, but it is partially blocked and misses everything.

-Tom Cleary