Tuesday, November 13, 2007

36-29 HC; i19:25 n the 2nd

  • Timeout. Holy Cross
  • Vander Bean misses, and on the other end Anthony Johnson gets a tip in off of a Nero miss and gets Fairfield off to the right start. Willard is pissed on the other bench and calls a quick full timeout after a lacksadaisical effort on D.
  • HC ball to start.
  • On the floor to start the half, Cooley decides to go with the original starting five. Yorel continues to get extensive playing time - given his first half, that's with good cause.
  • Stat City: Yorel Hawkins leads the Stags with 9. Holy Cross' Alex Vander Baan has 11 points and 3 rebs. Mike Evanovich, coming off of a 20-point effort, has 3 points and an assist.
  • Joe Cefoli, a former roomate, gets his game on at halftime. The one and only Cefoli has trouble lacing up the shoes, and gets his ball jacked by some kid named Colin. Sweet. Anyway, he did nicely. Props to 232 son.
  • Clearly Cleary Trivia: Holy Cross is one of four teams the Stags play in 2007-08 that are coming off of a 20-win campaign. The other three? Georgetown (duh!), Niagara (okay, maybe), and Siena (wow, I totally fogot). And there ya have it folks.

- K.C..

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