Tuesday, November 13, 2007

7-4 Holy Cross; 15:39 in the 1st

  • Anthony Johnson misses an awkward post and Holy Cross gets the ball.
  • After a botched three and an o-reb, Holy Cross' Kyle Cruze drains the three. Oh, those second chances. 7-4 Holy Cross.
  • Cooley seems to be a little angry with Devin - Chris Simmons said he was yelling at him on D, and now in a post-up position he was telling him to be strong and not dish so soon.
  • 4-4 All at 16:40
  • Alex Vander Baan misses, but Colin Cunningham puts in the rebound for an easy lay-in. On the other side, Yorel Hawkins answers with a mid-range jumper. Moments later, 00 Tim Clifford puts it in eaily after blown coverage on D. Pheww.
  • Nero gets called for a hold on the floor - the Stags' second foul.
  • Solid D from FU as Holy Cross turns the ball over again. Looks like they're coming out strong after a tough outing against Wake. Similarly, Holy Cross is showing a nice zone on the other end of the court.
  • Nero gets a dish down-low, and works awfully hard to create separation and gets the bucket. On the other end, Peanut gets a nasty block - but Devin Johnson gets called on a possible fast-break after a turnover. 2-0 Stags.
  • Tim Clifford tries to post-up Greg Nero on the outside of the paint, but gets called for the walk. FU Ball with 18:45.
  • Devin Johnson tries to grab a loose ball, but steps on the out of bounds line and almost into our seats. That was interesting.
  • Han dished to A.J. underneath, who misses an awkward shot.
  • Holy Cross opens up in a 2-3 zone - something that worked well against FU for most of last season.
  • Opening tip pits F Anthony Johnson against Holy Cross' Tim Clifford (00 (double-zero) for those of you scoring at home). Advantage: Peanut.
  • For the Stags: Devin Johnson, Greg Nero, Anthony Johnson at foward/center. Yorel Hawkins gets his first career start. And, as usual, we have Jon Han running the point.
  • After a pre-introduction "COOLEY! COOLEY!" chant from the fans, the head coach gives the faithful a little love and hi-fives some people. Nice touch.
  • Decent turn-out from the Red Sea - but then again, it is a home opener. And it's a Tuesday night. Free shirts for 2010 - sweet deal Jeff Seiser!

- K.C.

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