Friday, November 2, 2007

41-32 Stags; 15:31 in the 2nd

  • Shooting foul down-low on Fairfield on Lex James. Stags caught a break - James was wide-open underneath and Haim simply missed him and took a shot instead. James heads to the line to shoot a pair.
  • Han fakes a drive in transition, then kicks it out to a wide-open Herbie Allen. Allen drains the three and is excited. 41-32 Stags.
  • Devin hits a runner and is fouled. He misses the FT. FU has not shot well from the line in the few trips they've been there. 38-32 Stags.
  • Get the Grub: Merritt Canteen! Check it out if your a burgers fan and you live in the Fairfield area. Well worth the trip.

- Keith Connors

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