Sunday, November 18, 2007

31-31; 3:59 in the 1st

  • Herbie picks the pockey of Corey Hassan - who's finally been bottled up lately. As Herbie drives he is held from behind, and the Pioneers are called for the foul. Oh, boy. Business is picking up here at the Harbor.
  • Mamadou hits the three and ties the ball game up. And the crowd goes wild. 31-31 all.
  • Ryan Litke walks on a fake pass - so SHU turns the ball over. Here's the Stags chance to pull it tight. FU ball.
  • Diakhate adds both, and keeps the Stags on pace. 31-28 SHU.
  • Mamadou works hard as hell underneath, despite being the smallest guy by far under there. His great hustle leads to a second chance and a foul. He goes to the line.
  • Drew Shubik - in front of a White Sea yelling and waving towels - hits the first, and then adds the second. Nice job. 31-26 SHU.
  • Mamadou, as tough as they come on D, gets called for a hold. That's the team's seventh, so SHU goes to the line for the one-and-one.
  • Nero, a fantastic foul shooter, adds both to pull the Stags a little closer. 29-26 SHU.
  • Han works the ball down-low to Nero, who begins to drive but is hacked in the process. Nero goes to the line for two shots.
  • Awkward looking shot from Corey Hassan finds its way in, and the Pioneers respond. 29-24 Pioneers.

- Keith Connors

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