Friday, November 2, 2007

7-5 FU; i15:26 n the 1st

  • Media T.O.
  • Missed shot on Lex James, who then commits a loose ball foul going in for the rebound.
  • Han rotates the ball with D. Johnson up top and hits Nero, who misses a turnaround jumper. Bridgeport pulls down the d-reb.
  • Loose ball foul on an in-bound pass from the Knights. Stag Ball. Thanks.
  • Miss from Anthony Davis, and a rare rebound for Herbie after it bounced around for a little. The little-big man than buries it on a pick-and pop from the top of the key. 7-5 Stags.
  • After a near errant pass from Anthony Johnson, Herbie Allen tosses it away trying to get it in the paint to Devin Johnson. Bridgeport ball (nice alliteration, I might add).
  • Offensive foul on Lax James in the paint. Apparently, he threw some 'bows.
  • Martin hits a three in the corner after the Purple Knights break the press. He was wide open in the corner. 5-4 Knights.
  • FU puts on a full court press. Peanut Johnson gets the turnover and dunks it to take a 4-2 lead.
  • Anthony Johnson gets a pretty look to Nero on a back-door cut underneath. Nero lays it in, to it at 2.
  • Now Han turns it over and B-port goes the other way. Quinten Martin hits a fade away post and scores. 2-0 Bridgeport.
  • Turnover and the Stags get down the court in transition. After a botched lay-in, Han settles.
  • Tip It Good: It's Anthony Johnson vs. Lex James (6-10 senior). And James takes it down. Bridgeport Ball.

- Keith Connors

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