Friday, December 7, 2007

Halftime at the Harbor: 39-29 Siena

  • Halftime at the Harbor: with 3.2 seconds left, Herbie Allen hits both shots with ease. A last second Ronald Moore three (which was a much better look than it needed to be), misses long and the buzzer sounds.
  • Siena works it underneath to Franklin - but as they try to get it back out for a give-and-go shot for Hasbrouck, Herbie Allen sneaks in and causes a steal and fast break. He's hacked by Hasbrouck on the other end. Sick hustle from Allen, who is really making the most of his playing time in the first half. He's been the lone bright spot for Fairfield thus far.
  • Herbie's got the hot hand, and Han dishes it to him in the corner and he nails it. So far, he's looked very comfortable in the 2-slot. Siena holds for last shot. 39-29 Siena.
  • Magee goes one-of-two. 39-24 Siena.
  • Cory Magee - on the Saints' third chance - gets Marty in the air and draws a hack. Magee goes to the line for a pair and :56.3 to play in the first.
  • Siena goofs and kicks an errant pass - so the Stags get an unwarranted second chance on offense. Stags' ball.
  • Hasbrouck gets a great look under the boards and hits in easy. 38-24 Siena.'
  • Nero works hard under the boards to create a shot and force a foul. Greg will go to the line for a chance at a pair. He hits one-of-two, and it's a 12-point affair. 36-24 Siena.
  • Han drills a three, and then forces a steal that leads to an easy lay-up. Unfortunately, Kenny Hasbrouck hits a three in front of the ol' ball coach. He may have trash talked Cooely a little after the shot. "Kenny, I like that!" with a clap and nod. 36-23 Siena.
  • A Chritmas Carol - Westport County Playhouse - November 23 to December 29th. "Pure Magic," raves the Mirror's Tom Cleary. "I laughed, I cried, I loved," says Chris Simmons. Go see it!

- Keith Connors

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