Tuesday, December 11, 2007

BC 26-FU 25; 22.6 Seconds Remaining First Half

  • The Stags slow things down and continue to play tight defense. After a steal, Lowenthal is fouled and goes to the line for two free throws, hitting both to give the Stags a 23-22 lead. Lowenthal has a team-high 10 points, one above Wrice's total of 9. BC's Swords leads all scorers with 12.
  • Geehan picks up her second foul and goes to the bench. Thoman gives the lead back to the Eagles with two free throws, and it is 24-23 with a minute and a half left in the first.
  • Lowenthal is blocked by Swords, but Flaherty grabs the ball and scores to give the Stags a 25-24 lead, but it does not last long as Swords scores over Flaherty on the other end and gives BC a 26-25 lead. Swords now with 14 points.
  • The Stags hold the ball too long and with three seconds on the shot clock Wrice throws up a NBA range three which is short.
  • BC gets the ball and calls a timeout with 22.6 seconds left and 21 seconds on the shot clock.
-Tom Cleary

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