Friday, December 7, 2007

62-46 Siena; 8:36 in the 2nd

  • Cooley wants to huddle and mull things over - and calls a timeout.
  • Edney takes a quick, ill-advised three, much to the chagrin of Cooley. On the other side, Josh Duell, a transfer from from Vermont, nails a three. 62-36 Siena.
  • An A.J. block leads to Nero miss, but the ball goes out off of green. Stags retain possession with 9:18 in regulation.
  • Fran "White Magin" McCaffrey is a good coach. Just saying.
  • Ronald Moore gets an open look to the hoop off of two picks. It's just too easy. Siena continues to score after FU baskets. 59-46 Siena.
  • Greg Nero shows some touch and hits the shot in the paint. Under pressure, too. 57-46 Siena.
  • Han forces a long three and comes up empty. Siena ball.
  • Edwin Ubiles knocks down a second-chance trey. Ouch. Rough break for Fairfield - just as they look to be garnering momentum. 57-44 Siena.

- Keith Connors

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