Friday, December 7, 2007

14-4 Siena; 13:26 in the 1st

  • Ronald Moore gets a give-and-go for three "to go". Ouch. Siena's on a devastating 10-point run. 14-4 as Cooley takes a much-needed timeout
  • Corey Magee, the Saints' tallest starter, shows some range and steps back to hit a three-pointer from the corner. Good shot, and even better look on a kick-out pass. 11-4 Siena.
  • Han called for a travel - and the turnover game begins. Siena ball.
  • Evanovich is called for a shooting foul, as Alex Franklin drove hard on a fast-break. Seems as if Siena is willing to run with Fairfield and push the ball up-court as much as possible. Normally, that's the Stags' MO.
  • Siena continues the full-court pressure - this time, Han takes it all the way down the side of the court to break it.
  • Ubiles is at the line for a pair after a Yorel Hawkins' foul. Ubiles converts both, and Siena is up a pair. 6-4 Siena.
  • Over/under on tonight's attendane in the snowy CT: 400. I'm taking the over, but just barely.
  • Not quite Mavs/Suns. Still, from a Fairfield perspective, a 4-4 start with 15:17 has to be a shot in the arm. Hopefully they can gain a bit of confidence knowing they can play with Siena and are not showing any Yale-Alumni debacle hangover effects.

- K.C.

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