Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fairfield trails 30-22 with 15:38 left in the game

  • Lowenthal, who only played six minutes in the first half after picking up two fouls, starts the second and is fouled down low on a layup. She misses her first free throw, but connects on the second, 26-19 Marist.
  • Marist comes right back as Fitz scores, 28-19 Marist.
  • Fitz is hacked down low by Caskin and goes to the line for two and misses both.
  • Two big offensive rebounds by Groom, but Fairfield can't score despite three possessions.
  • Fitz scores again 30-19 Marist.
  • Wrice goes hard to the hoop and is fouled hard by Viani and goes to the line for tow free throws. Wrice misses the first, but hits the second to cut the deficit back down to ten, 30-20 Marist.
  • Lowenthal keeps battling and strips the ball from Marist after an offensive rebound by the Red Foxes.
  • Wrice drives to the hoop and scores again, falling to the floor. 30-22 Stags.

-Tom Cleary

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