Tuesday, December 4, 2007

60-57 Stags; :23.2 in the 2nd

  • Warren Edney converts a big one and puts Fairfield back up by three. 60-57 with :23.2 to play. Big time shots right there in front of the loyal Red Sea.
  • Edney hits the first shot - the more important of the two. This one's just gravy.
  • Yale - with a 3 second shot clock differential - lets FU play for a little bit after the in-bound. However, they change suit and foul Edney quickly once Han gives up the ball. Looks like they were just looking for the right guy to foul.
  • Eric Flato hits a quick two that was nearly a three. Nice shot, either way. 58-57 Stags with :39 on the clock.
  • Nero hits both shots to make it a three-point lead. 58-55 Stags.
  • Ross Morin fouls Nero on a pick - and Nero goes to the line to make this game a near done deal for the men in red.
  • Hawkins misses a driving leaner, but Nero grabs the o-board and the Stags retain again. That's the kind of stuff that drives coaches nuts if you're Yale.

- Keith Connors

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