Tuesday, December 4, 2007

54-48 Stags; 5:19 in the 2nd

  • Yale timeout - and with 5:19 to play, it's 54-48 Stags.
  • Han drives and, at the last minutes, sees a streaking Anthony Johnson who lays it in with authority. Stags are starting to show signs of going on a little tear. Just a little.
  • Han throws it up for Warren Edney - who does a sick job of adjusting to the errant pass and laying it in. It was supposed to be an oop, but, hey - two points it two points. 52-48 Stags.
  • Braswell heaves a desperation shot, and they somehow call Han for a shooting foul. Not sure if there was any contact at all, even with the ball. Anywho, Braswell misses the free throw on the "one and one".
  • Braswell and Fiddler are trying to trap Han, but they get a little too physical for the refs liking and gets the whistle treatment. Han goes to the line for the one-and-one, but misses a shot to extend FU's lead. Yale ball.
  • Morin misses, Nero grabs the board, and Fairfield is in business.
  • With 7:27 to play, Herbie Allen gets called for a hold on the floor. That's the Stags' seventh foul - so Yale heads to the line. Ross Morin will go the free throw line.
  • Media timeout, ladies and gentleman. You're welcome.
  • Porter Braswell runs side-by-side with Herbie, but beats him to the bucket down the side of the court and lays it in. 50-48 Stags.

- Keith Connors

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