Tuesday, December 4, 2007

35-33 Yale; 15:32 in the 2nd

  • Han kicks it out to Edney after a screen from the top of the key, but Edney whiffs again. On the other end, Yale pushes but gets called for an "over the back" on the ensuing rebound. MEDIA timeout.
  • Han feels it as he pulls up and hits the three. Great kick-out from Nero. 35-33 Yale - and then it was two.
  • A.J. gets hacked as he cuts the lane and got a pass from Nero. The refs say it was ont the floor - so they Stags retain possession.
  • Ross Morin beats Middleton to the hoop after he pulls him out. Nice "Iso" play from Yale - they clearly matched the two up. 35-30 Yale.
  • After a pair of misses and attempted put-back, Greg Nero says "ENOUGH!" He pulls down the board and puts it in. 33-30 Yale.
  • Ross Morin hits a paint turnaround. 33-28 Yale.
  • Greg Nero fakes a shot, then drives the lane. He hits the lay-in, and the Stags pull to within three. 31-28 Yale.
  • We have a Geoff Middleton sighting! Forget Marty, there's you "Blue Moon" award of the night.
  • And we're back: To start off the half, the Stags will inbound to Han to kick us off.
  • Miguel Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis get shipped over to the Detroit Tigers. What a move for Dave Dombrowski.
  • Stags Crew team dedicates their boat at halftime. WOW. Those boats are friggin' huge. It's always nice to see a team that you don't hear much from get some coverage. If only the paper could write more on them...
  • The Stags did not score from 6:41 until 2:49. Two points in the final six minutes of the half. That's your recap in a nutshell.
  • Stat O' The Half: Warren Edney leads Fairfield with 6 points in the half - but he w3as 2-7 shooting and 1-5 from behind the arc. Not all that efficient if you ask me - and I'm not even an Economy major. Let's see if he can shoot better in the 2nd half. The Stags will most definitely need their frosh to step up when MAAC play rolls around.

- Keith Connors

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