Tuesday, December 4, 2007

68-66 Yale; :4.8 in OT

  • Yale is fouled with :4.8 to play in the O.T. - and they'll be headed to the line.
  • Stags decide to play off after Han's pass for Nero is a turnover. It works, as Yale turns it over, but then Han's up court pass to Yorel Hawkins gets him crossed up and he turns it over. The Stags had numbers, but tried to push it up quick.
  • Flato nails both shots to keep the Bulldogs up by two points. 68-66 Yale.
  • FU tries a half-court trap again, but this time Anthony Johnson gets called for a defensive foul. Flato goes to the charity stripe for a pair.
  • Han lays it in, all the way - no doubt be he was shooting - to tie the game. 66-66 all.
  • Yale turns it over as the Stags half-court trap keeps them from putting it over the line. Devin Johnson was in there just for defense.
  • Nero converts, and now the Stags need a big stop on D. 66-64 Yale.
  • Anthony Johnson gives Nero a FANTASTIC look - and I mean, that A.J. pass set up Greg. Nero does what he's been doing all night - hits the shot and picks up the foul. Huge play to keep the Stags hope alive. Nero goes to the line to pull it to two points.
  • Ross Morin does a great job of getting the defense up in the air and lays it in. 66-61 Yale.
  • Hawkins does it again - and the second shot bounces short. 64-61 Yale with 2:0 to play.
  • Hawkins first shot hits every part of the rim, then falls out. He's got another coming.

- Keith Connors

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