Tuesday, December 4, 2007

24-23 Stags; 4:49 in the 1st

  • Yale gets trapped, and they take a "T".
  • Peanut Johnson throws up a pair of bricks - and the Shaq disease continues to show on Fairfield's free throws. 24-23 Stags with 4:49 to go.
  • Another Yale foul - this time on the defensive side of the floor. A.J. goes to the line.
  • Alex Zampier hits a pretty fade-away right in Han's face. Nothing more he could do about that - the Bulldogs pull it to one. 24-23 Stags with 5:30 to play.
  • Miss from the "Entourage star". Evanovich gets hacked not long after after the Stags push the ball up-court fast.
  • Anthony Johnson gets the initial block on Ari Greenberg - but Yorel Hawkins shows his rookie stripes with a hard foul. 23-21 Stags - and Ari goes to the line.
  • Anthony Johnson makes us all feel much better with an emphatic dunk after a pretty feed from Evanovich. Credit Mike for that one - it was a great look on a good cut. 23-19 Stags.
  • Peanut misses an oop. Moments later, Alex Zampier drills a three. Don't get greedy now, boys. 21-19 Stags.
  • Evanovich puts a nice move on Matt Kyle. He misses the soht, but the Stags fight for the board and A.J. throws the ball off of a Yale defender as he's falling out-of-bounds. Sweet deal. Stags ball.
  • 21-16 with 7:55 to play - Stags ball off the media timeout.
  • Special Scout-out to Jack Jones - our favorite S.I.D. man. We hear he's a fan of the blog. Well, then again, who's not? But thanks again for all your support.

- Keith Connors

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