Friday, December 7, 2007

4-4; 15:17 n the 1st

  • Ubiles gets the ball from Ronald Moore on a fastbreak opportunity. Hawkins fouls him hard, and he'll go to the line for a shot to give Siena the lead.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck grabs a board and takes it the whole way. Nice fake on Anthony Johnson, and an easy floater falls. 4-4.
  • Siena gives it right back, as Hawkins makes amends for the missed pass and gets the ball back.
  • Siena shows a full-court press, and an ill-advises pass for Hawkins almost hits Tommy and goes out of bounds. Saints ball.
  • Rebound and basket off of an Edney miss for Nero. Greg Nero is the key tonight - it's already apparent two minutes in. After a Siena miss from downtown, the Stags control the ball. 4-2 Fairfield.
  • Cooley to Edney: "Warren! You can't do that" in a parent, monotone voice. Naughty, naughty. But the Stags retain possession.
  • A Stags' turnover gives Siena easy fast break points. 2-2.
  • Kenny Hasbrouck, with Edney and a hand in his face, misses the three from the top of the arc. Nice job on defense from Fairfield.
  • Edney misses short on a jumper. Siena pulls down the board.
  • Turnover under the boards trying to get the ball to Magee underneath gives Fairfield the ball. Han pushes, and the Stags are held going up after a Nero miss.
  • Good sign of the night: Hawkins hits both shots, and Fairfield hold an early 2-0 lead. 2-0 Stags. Let's hope they learned their lesson (13-of-26 from the line) from Yale.
  • Han dishes to a cutting Hawkins on the baseline, who drives and is hacked by Alex Franklin. Refs call it a shooting foul and give him two.
  • Fairfield corrals the opening tip, and we are underway from the Harbor.
  • Gettin' Tipsy: Fairfield forward Anthony Johnson battles Siena's 6'6", 197-pound Edwin Ubiles. Magee is the only Siena starter NOT averaging 10+ points or 10+ rebounds per game. But he's huge, so they give him the nod. At least he's in good company.
  • Stags' starters: Edney, Nero, and Anthony Johnson at 3-4-5, respectively. Same forwards as usual. For the backcourt, freshman Yorel Hawkins gets his fifth straight start. He's quickly turning into a Cooley favorite. And, finally, Jon Han at the point.
  • Pre-game Meal: chicken (fingers and wings), fries, and some roll-up thingys. Not too shabby. Tom Cleary and I are treated like kings here at Harbor Yard. And we're much obliged. Although I'm still a bit hungry. And I'm in the mood for steak...
  • The Red Stream: Low turnout tonight for the Fairfield faithful. Dr. Joe Cefoli is here, though. As usual. As for the Stags, they could care less if there was anyone here - they just need a full game of good, fundamentally sound basketball.
  • Stags mascot, though, is here and in full force! He's actually moving for a change, which gets Tom excited for 4 seconds. Glad to see he's back.
- Keith Connors

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