Friday, December 7, 2007

33-18 Siena; 3:46 in the 1st

  • Han misses an alley oop to Edney - but the Saints touch it on the way out. Stags retain possession.
  • Over-the-back is called on Edwin Ubiles with Siena on offense. Stag ball down 15 with 4:26 to go. (Marty O'Sullivan checks in).
  • Evanovich tries to go the whole way, but puts up a brick in the lane (floater shot). Nero misses not longer after following a quick Siena miss.
  • Anthony Johnson corrals a Herbie Allen miss (shot @ the buzzer) and puts it in. On the other size, Edwin Ubiles knocks down a trey - then takes a charge on the other side. This Siena team is impressive. 33-18 Siena.
  • Chris De La Rosa, the backup point guard, gets trapped by FU's half court scheme. Appears to go back court - and no call leads to an eventual Fairfield foul. Evanovich misses later - and then Tay Fisher knocks down a three. Phew - lotta action. 30-16 Siena.
  • Hawkins nails 'em both. 27-16 Siena.
  • A.J. hits Yorel on a post right under the boards. Hawkins goes up and appears to be rejected - but the refs call a soft foul. Yorel Hawkins to the line for two shots.
  • Stags' pep band is amped up. Francis Romano - you are a delight.
  • Dapper Cooley Watch: black blazer was nice, but a 12-0 Siena run does that to ya now and then. Faded pink shirt with a white collar for a retro look. Solid red tie. Anyway you look at it, the end result is there: classy.

- Keith Connors

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