Friday, December 7, 2007

18-6 Siena; 11:31 in th 1st

  • After a Fairfield miss, Franklin heaves a leaner and gets the shot to go AND the foul. Nice move from Franklin. He'll go to the line for another. 18-6 Siena
  • Han breaks two defenders, Anthony Johnson is lost in the mix, and we get a dunk as the end result. A few seconds later on the other end ot the floor, Alex Franklin takes Peanut to school and lays it in. 16-6 Siena.
  • Looks like Fairfield is not comfortable whatsoever with pressure in their face and a full-court press. I'm guessing they'll see a lot of it tonight - Siena smells blood with Stags' tendency for turnovers.

- K.C.

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